As you are a parent others are also, at digi life you will get a lifetime cover for your loved ones so that they don’t face any kind of problem and it’s for 12 months absolutely free. Just apply before your son turns 6 this or next year. No need to worry the policy is absolutely affordable and simple to understand, the main point is parents can apply for their kids on their behalf and grab the opportunity and gain maximum coverage out of this policy.

There are two most important points to keep in mind which are:-

If the policy doesn’t start and directly or indirectly you die before the 12 months the policy goes invalid.
If the death is accidental or non-intentional after full verification then the policy will be continued on the other hand if the policy goes invalid again if the death is intentionally.


You know, for me it was starting a family. I got married fairly young, and I wanted to find some way to be prepared if we were going to start a family. We didn't have investments. We didn't have money saved up. So I did some research, asked around. I've always looked for ways to protect myself if something happened. So I have even a stronger desire to do that for people that I'm actually responsible for and chosen digi life insurance which helped me a lot and my loved ones too!

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We’re still fairly young. We looked at whole life insurance, but we felt that because we’re so young, we wanted to go with term, with the ability to move it over to whole life toward the end of the term based on our needs thank you digi life insurance.

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